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About my Yacht and Me
Igor Berejnoi, 47y.o.
Education: University
Occupation: Professional Photographer
Qualification: Competent Crew Sertificate
Sea experience: 30 years
Hobbies: yachting, yacht building
Address: Kherson, Ukraine

  The numerous questions I have to solve before I start. It was not easy to choose a project. What size of the yacht should be? Is my money allow it?What design should I use and from where to get the drawings?Is my money allow it? And how to build the yachts at all?..

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яхта ольга
My first centerboard Tramp
швертбот Тремр
My first centerboard Tramp
My loft
My loft
Transom laminating
Stern knee
Set of ribs on shipway
Longitudinal planking/ 1st layer
She doesn't look small
Diagonal planking from stem
Diagonal planking 2-d layer
Fin keel structure
Fin keel has welded
View from transom

Putting diagonal planking

Chart table in building

Chart table has finished

My sailing...

aboard Mriya

Putting GRP
The hull is ready

Before rotation

Before rotation

Hull rotation 1

Hull rotation 2
look inside 2

Stem structure

Hard work, but then...

On the helm aboard yacht Mriya

..with my wife Olga
Deck setting
coachroof coaming
Deck and coaming in place

look inside

Forepeak furniture

Nav corner



Saloon port side

Rudderpost mouting

Cocpit developing

Transom developing

Transom is fitted

Deck and deckhouse is glass covered

Hatches installation


Deck is ready

Deck is ready
заливка киля свинцомlead pouring to kell saloon developing Yacht leaves home shipyard and goes to yachtclub...
...close to water киль балластныйkeel is in place установка мачтыrudder is installed LAUNCH!
First sailing easy motion in our yacht-club in the race
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