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Why do I publish the articles about yachting? I started it because I khow there are many people in the world who are not professional builders and sailors and who want to share their skills and find the answers to the questions they meet when build, run and maintain their yachts. So my friends, read articles, think about it and feel free to send me an interesting article I would publish it here.
Trimming headsails
Sail trim isn’t only for the racers. Pay attention to your headsail and you could point higher, sail faster and arrive sooner. The aim when trimming sails is to adjust their aerodynamic shape and angle to the wind in order to obtain the best possible performance from the boat in the prevailing wind strength and sea conditions. Correct sail trim is most important when beating to windward, when the sails have to produce their maximum drive to overcome the resistance of the headwind and seas ... read more >>>
What makes the wind
by David Burch
Away from the several important influences of land, the wind speed and direction we might anticipate (forecast) depends on where we happen to stand within a particular weather pattern. But knowledge builds upon itself: often times the best indicator of where we are in a pattern is the actual direction of the present wind and the way this direction is changing with time. To understand this, requires an understanding of how wind flows around high and Low pressure systems, which we can get to after a quick review of atmospheric pressure itself... read more >>>
When backwards is best
by Tom Cunliffe
Learning to stemboard could one day help you out of a tight corner Once in awhile, even experienced instructors allow themselves to be manoeuvred into a scrape.These are often boat-handling frights and they don't only happen in learning situations. A bad first analysis usually leads to a snap decision and, before you know it, 'Bang!' you've clobbered the Commodore's yacht. I've learned not to let anyone attempt a manoeuvre without a last-ditch safety exit, yet often we're over-confident or too lazy to look for one. Let me tell you what i happened one summer afternoon... read more >>>
Dangerous vs navigable sides of a storm
by David Burch
Most storms are asymmetric to some extent, having conditions more severe on one side than the other. This is true of most storms, but when it comes to practical matters of what we are going to do about it, the subject is pretty much restricted to dealing with tropical storms — because they are relatively small in surface area and can in some cases be maneuvered around. It would be very rare indeed that any smaller vessel could maneuver to one side or the other of a North Pacific storm spread a thousand miles across the ocean... read more >>>
A Primer on Yacht Design
by Ted Brewer
The terms and ratios that follow are used by all yacht designers so it's a good idea to have an understanding of them if you are considering buying a boat, or having a custom design created (of a classical style, of course!). You may need to work out some of the ratios for the boats you are considering for purchase from the available information but the formulas are simple and can be handled by an inexpensive scientific calculator... read more >>>
Staying alive
from YM magazine
How do you gave a man overboard? Should you buy a special rescue device? And how can you enhance your chances of being rescued if it's you who goes over? This special feature has the answers.Would you know how to rescue your crew or skipper if they fell overboard? this is the question every sailor should be able to answer "yes" to. You never khow when it's going to hapen, and if it does, you need to be able to act more >>>
Act fast - save lives
by Simon Jinks
The dreaded shout "Man Overboard" sets hearts racing. With a life depending on you, you must stay calm and take one step at a time, says Simon Jinks.On board it's easy for panic to break out. Everyone's trying to help or shouting commands. But you have to take control of the crew and act quickly. It's time to prioritise your actions. Initially, the person in the water needs three more >>>
The skipper's thankless task
by Des Sleightholme
A camel is a horse designed by a committee. Says that tired gag with a withering insight into the realms of command. A great many yachts are run by committee and with a similarly uncertain outcome. In the big-ship world, a ship's Captain is vested with an authority backed by international law. He carries the can and as often as not it is full of worms; but he makes the decisions and his crew obeys them.
In a small pleasure yacht things are different...
read more >>>
The dance of death
by Tom Cunliffe
Try as we may, all of us end up sooner of later sailing on a dead run. We khow it's slow and uncomfortable, yet there are times when there is no alternative but to put the breeze right aft. As soon as we are squared off, the genoa collapses in the wind shadow of the main, leaving us with three more >>>

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