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FAQ about yachting in this site. Find the answers you ask
Question: Why do I visit this site for and why I want to order the sails at UA Sail sailmaking workshop?
Answer: I am here because I need high quality sails of modern materials and high technology, made by experienced sailmaker.
Question: Where can I buy a sailing yacht or motorboat?
Answer: You can buy both the sailing yacht and motorboat here, on this site. Just go to "yacht brokerage" page, choose your boat and contact us
Question: I want to make sailing trip or cruising. How to deal?
Answer: Welcome to "sail cruising" page and apply via "order sail cruise form" to us. We will arrange everything.
Question: My business is yacht building. Can I advertise myself on your site?

Answer: Of course, you can! We are glad to place your advertisement on our site's page.

Question: I have a sailing or motor boat and I want to sell it. How to find a buyer?
Answer: It is easy. Just place your advertisement on "yacht brokerage" page for free! Apply to us
Question: Where can I find a good boat yard to build my new yacht?
Answer: Go to "yacht building" page and choose yacht builder for your new boat.
Question: I like sailing and it is interesting if there is information about sailing life of other people.
Answer: Of course! This site is created by yachtsman! Visit "events" page to find out about yacht Mria history.
Question: I am going to build my own yacht myself and I want to know how other builders do it.
Answer: There are many information for amateur yacht builders. You can visit "design" page,"articles" page or "yacht building" page where you can fing much interesting and useful information. Good luck!

FAQ about yachting and sails in this site. Find the answers you ask.Search this site.mail to